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Talent Project in English
The master-apprentice relationship is a very efficient method to transfer tacit knowledge from one person to another. This concept can be implemented in different situations where knowledge needs to be transferred or exchanged. Q-modus BV has developed a project in which knowledge exchange between experts from companies and talented students is encouraged. This project is called the Talent Project. The master-apprentice concept can be easily adapted to fit other projects in which knowledge exchange is necessary. 

The Talent Project
In the Talent Project, excellent students of the University of Groningen and four colleges are coupled to experts from various trade and industry branches in the Northern part of the Netherlands. They will work together on a research question and apply the master-apprentice relationship. Master and apprentice will cooperate in achieving innovation for the participating organisation. 

Research and results
The master and apprentice work together on a research question that is drawn up by the company of the master. The apprentice can make use of the theoretical knowledge from his education to create a solid and academic foundation for the research. Besides working on this research, the apprentice follows the master during his daily activities and accompanies him at meetings. In this way the apprentice can observe the behaviour of his master and take over some of his skills. Therefore, the apprentice gets the opportunity to be present at meetings where students in normal internships are not allowed. Due to these extra possibilities the apprentice can gather more and more in-depth information about the company. This project is not only beneficial for the student. The master will also learn from the apprentice. For instance from the theoretical point of view of the student and the fresh look he/she has on the organisation. Hence, the results of the research will be based both on the theoretical knowledge of the student as well as on the practical experience of the expert and are therefore of high quality and workable for the organisation. The results will lead to new knowledge and innovation for the participating organisations and will hence strengthen their competitive position.

Personal development
Once the couple has started their research, the student undergoes a number of tests, both personality and intelligence tests. The results of these tests are discussed in a meeting where both master and apprentice are present. These results can function as input for further personal development of the student. Due to these results the couple will become more aware of aspects that require attention. This gives an extra dimension to the relationship between master and apprentice, since it is about more than just the research.

A successful cooperation between an expert and a student can result in a continuation of the students activities with or for the company. In addition, the spin-off of these projects may lead to additional innovations within the companies concerned. 

The objectives can be described as follows:
1)      Strengthening the knowledge advancement of the participating companies;
2)      Stimulating innovation within the companies involved;
3)      Establishing knowledge exchange between the University of Groningen, four
         colleges and the trade and industry in the Northern part of The Netherlands;

4)      Enforcing the competitive position of the participating companies;
5)      Holding on to the highquality knowledge existing in the Northern part of The
         Netherlands (counteracting the so-called brain drain);

6)      Extending, testing and finetuning the knowledge exchange model. 

Selection criteria
The masters are selected according to the criterion that they are not only considered as experts within their own companies, but also by the outside world, on the basis of their know-how shown in actual practice. The participating students are selected according to selection criteria emphasizing personal qualities with the objective that an extraordinary learn/research achievement is to be expected during the process of interaction with the master. 

Participating University and colleges

- University of Groningen 
- Hanzehogeschool Groningen
- Christelijke Hogeschool Nederland 
- Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden 
-  Hogeschool Drenthe 

Financial support
The Talent Project is supported by: 
-  SNN 
-  Chamber of commerce 
-  Participating knowledge institutions 

Students & Companies
Students and companies that are interested in participating in the Talent Project can contact Q-modus BV. 

The Talent Project can also be conducted outside the Netherlands. If you are interested in the project, you can contact Q-modus BV and will look into the possibilities to conduct the project in your country. Please contact us also if you are interested in the master-apprentice relationship as a method to transfer knowledge in a different project.